Manual of the FORTSCHRITT high-density baler K453 Manual of the FORTSCHRITT high-density baler K453

A brand with history

The FORTSCHRITT high-density baler is still produced in the 1854 founded
“C.A. Klinger Maschinenfabrik ” in Stolpen: FORTSCHRITT with Tradition – then and now.

After 1945, the Maschinenfabrik Stolpen was nationalized along with four other farm equipment factories in the area of East Saxony. These establishments constitute the VEB/Kombinat crop machinery FORTSCHRITT – and so the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the DDR from 1960. Main priorities of the VEB/Kombinat FORTSCHRITT were in the development and manufacturing of harvesting equipment such as forage harvester, swather, combine harvester and Pick-up balers. The production program further included also equipment for tillage, seeding, fertilization and care comprised up to storage and processing of agricultural products.

With the reunification of East and West Germany theVEB/Kombinat FORTSCHRITT was divided among the trusteeship in 53 limited companies based on market economy principles, and the FORTSCHRITT era came to an end.


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In 2013 the ARNEUBA Landtechnik und Fahrzeuge GmbH with its headquarter in Schlettau (Erzgebirge) and the Maschinenfabrik Stolpen GmbH (formerly manufacturer for VEB/Kombinat FORTSCHRITT – crop machinery) decided to produce Agricultural Machinery again under the name of FORTSCHRITT.

First, the former high-density baler K454 has been revived and undergone consistent further development. The new high-density baler K464 combines proven tradition with meaningful innovations. Even today the characteristics of reliability and performance are our main priorities.

Contact partner for national and international sales is ARNEUBA Landtechnik und Fahrzeuge GmbH (Germany).

K464 High-Density Baler

K464 high-density baler with loading option parallel chute - different loading options on request
Be productive - Pick-Up with feeding roll 2,35m width

Technical data high-density baler K464

  • Solid Design – the only high-density baler who process silage easily with a bale weight up to 75kg
  • Bigger & Stronger – Pick-Up with feeding roll  2,35m width – 1000 rpm PTO
  • Stable Value & Long Living – through double powder coating
  • proven, maintenance-free Raussendorf – high performance knotters
  • Most powerful side pull high-density baler world wide

Technical Details

Bale Chamber       40 x 50 cm
Bale Length    0,4 – 1,20 m
Rotor Speed        1000 upm
Piston Stroke           85 / min
Number of Tine Rows                 6
Tine Carriers                 5
max. Working Width             2,35m
Weight           2100 kg
Width            2,99 m
min. Engine Power              70 PS

Standard Equipment

  • Twine tying with 2 knots
  • Drive with automatic overload protection
  • Hydraulic Pick-Up with supporting wheel
  • Drawbar eye Ø 40 mm or attachments clutch for drawbar
  • Depositing Plate for Bales
  • Wide Angle PTO shaft

Further Options

  • Rotor Speed 540 rpm
  • Parallel Chute
  • Straight Loading Chute + Hitch
  • Bale Counter

Silage Spreader

Now you can ensile corn and grass with less effort and less time. Distribute the Silage up to the edge of your silos. The spiral arranged tools distribute silage optimal forward and to the sides.

technical specifications Turbo 2001 – Hercules 280

  • Drum diameter  1.000 mm – 1.280 mm
  • Drum width        1.720 mm – 2.300 mm
  • Working width   2.500 mm – 3.500 mm
  • power demand  min. 40 PS
  • weight  600 kg  – 1.200 kg
  • Hydraulic pivoting device with 2 cylinders (both sides up to 20 °)
  • can be filled with water (Turbo 2001 – Herkules 230) -max. 1.000 ltr.
  • reinforced frame for water filling
  • Overload protection with cam clutch

optional equipment

  • front or rear mounting
  • hydraulic drive

Silage Compactor

Safe your time - evenly compressed silage all over the whole working width after only one rolling
Increase your profits - production of high quality silage at high stockpiling
Built for a lifetime - the silage compactor is robust, lowwear and durable

Advantages using the Silage Compactor:

  • evenly compressed silage all over the whole working width (2.10 – 3.50m) after only one rolling
  • production of high quality silage at high stockpiling
  • dense compaction even under poor conditions (high DM content, moist forage)
  • less diesel consumption due to less rolling
  • high operational safety for vehicles rolling the heap
  • less spots with poor fermentation on the sides of silage piles
  • better compaction of sides of heaps outside of pit silos
  • no damage of silo structure like when using vibratory asphalt or soil compactors
  • the silage compactor is robust, lowwear and durable
  • minimal inspection work (greasing of only 2 floating bearings)
  • minor loss during ensiling and emptying

Technical Details:

        Typ          Width Weight in kg     Wheels
    SW-210            2,1m ca. 2700             7
    SW-260            2,6m ca. 3800             9
    SW-300            3,0m ca. 4300            11
    SW-350            3,5m ca. 5000           13
    SW-400           4,0m ca. 5800            15
  • 3 point linkage
  • heigth: 1520 mm
  • length: 1250 mm
  • colour: frame green, wheels grey
  • diameter: 90 cm
  • width: 13 cm

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